Welcome to the Seattle Arts Voter Guide – 2021 Primary Edition!

Welcome to the Seattle Arts Voter Guide!

Compiled by MFA students at Seattle University (Adetola Abatan, Samantha Anderson, Madeline Berkman, Jackson Cooper, Stefanie Fatooh, Tres McMichael, Alex Mielcarek, Carol Roscoe, Austin Sargent, Kati Simek, Arielle Simmons) enrolled in the Summer 2021 “Public Policy and Advocacy in the Arts” course taught by Jasmine Mahmoud and Randy Engstrom, this nonpartisan guide seeks to engage all City Council Candidates on how they imagine the arts as part of Seattle.

Seattle University neither endorses nor opposes any candidate.

In Seattle, the arts engage with issues of access, affordability, community, creativity, culture, disability, displacement, the economy, equity, gentrification, neighborhood growth, preservation, race, tourism, civic identity, COVID recovery and more. We think it is important that all Candidates and Councilmembers engage with the arts as a central part of Seattle.

Discover the guide:

Connect with the critical issues that intersect with the arts in Seattle: access, affordability, COVID-19, creativity, displacement, equity, housing, homelessness, preservation, and social justice. Discover the Candidates running for the 2021 Mayoral and District 8 and 9 City Council Primaries.

Dialogue by asking questions of City Council Candidates about critical issues in the arts and Seattle.

Engage candidate statements as they come in.

Vote! The primary election is August 3, 2021. Register and know how to Vote!