Welcome to the Seattle Arts Voter Guide!

The nonpartisan Seattle Arts Voter Guide from the Program in Arts Leadership at Seattle University engages political candidates and community members on critical issues in the arts ahead of municipal elections. We ask: How do Seattle and King County residents envision arts for the city? Our 2021 General Election guide features arts platforms from Seattle City Council, Mayoral, and School Board Candidates, and King County Executive and Council Candidates.

Seattle University neither endorses nor opposes any candidate.

CONNECT with the critical issues that intersect with the arts in Seattle, including access, affordability, creativity, displacement, equity, housing, homelessness, preservation, and social justice.

DIALOGUE by asking questions of candidates about critical issues in the arts and Seattle.

ENGAGE current and archived arts platforms from candidates.

VOTE! The General Election is November 2, 2021. Register and know how to Vote in Seattle!