Jesse James, District 8 Candidate — 2021 Primary Election

CANDIDATE: Jesse James, City Council District 8 Candidate


Music and art has always been a huge part of my life. I am a musician myself, I play several instruments including guitar, bass, drums, and some keyboards. I have recorded scores of original songs over the years (I started recording music at age 12) many of which you can find online on various music sites. I have also performed live in several bands. As a youth, some of my most memorable performances were playing at the Magnuson Park Battle of the Bands, the Golden Gardens Brickhouse, and the Vera Project ā€” all events sponsored by the City ā€” which were great opportunities to perform live for me and my bands. I fully support city and park programs that encourage and promote local musicians and artists, especially the young. 

The arts, I believe, are the backbone of our city. As a local musician, film hobbyist, and someone who has had a hand (or two) in creating all of his campaign art, I can solemnly swear that I will have the back of the arts community and always look out for its best interests in Seattle. As a Seattle City Council member, I would not only fight on the side of freedom of expression through art and music, but would also keep in mind the importance of supporting venues for music/art shows and the need to rebuild after this last year, in which so many of our local music and arts venues were shut down, some permanently. I am also fully aware of the excitement people are craving coming out of the lockdowns, and see this as an ample opportunity to beef up our music, art, and performance economy.