Tammy Morales, District 2 Candidate — 2019 General Election Arts Platform

Candidate: Tammy Morales, Candidate for District 2


Seattle Arts Voter Guide: Describe a meaningful arts experience that has stayed with you over time.

Morales: I come from a family of performers. My great-grandfather played trumpet in a Latin orchestra; my uncle plays trumpet now in San Diego. We have dancers, painters, singers in my family so I grew up watching family members perform. A fond childhood memory is attending the Texas Folklife Festival every summer and watching my cousins dance. They inspired me to dance too, which I did through college.

Tammy Morales, Candidate for District 2

SAVG: How do the arts reflect the voices and perspectives in your own neighborhood?

Morales: District 2 has some of the most amazing artists in town. From the young people at Northwest Tap Connection, to our spoken word artists, muralists, and cultural dancers, our community is a reflection of the rich tapestry of ethnicities in our region.

SAVG: How do you envision the arts as part of Seattle, especially as part of education, equity, housing, transportation, culture, the economy, and/or community?

Morales: The Arts play many critical roles in our city. From arts-related businesses and jobs to the economic impact of Arts organizations and their audiences, we know that Arts matter to the culture and to the economy of our city. Protecting Arts education and supporting working artists by preserving affordability in the city will be a key part of my focus as a council member.