Welcome Fall, and the 2019 General Election Arts Platforms!

Welcome Fall! With the new season, comes the build up to the 2019 General Election with ballots due by Tuesday, November 5, 2019 (one month away!) For this election cycle, the Seattle Arts Voter Guide contacted the narrowed down set of 14 City Council Candidates running for their arts platforms, which will be posted as they come in.

We asked:

  • What is your arts platform? 
  • How do you envision the arts as part of the Seattle, especially as part of critical issues including access, affordability, displacement, economic development, education, preservation, and racial equity?
  • How do the arts reflect the voices, perspectives, and communities in your district? What are challenges and opportunities?
  • How do you plan to work with governmental agencies including the Office of Arts and Culture and the Seattle Arts Commission?
  • Describe a meaningful arts experience that has stayed with you over time. How have the arts affected your life?

We also welcomed candidates to revise and/or submit arts platforms they submitted in the primaries.

Do you have other questions? Ask them by commenting on the website, Facebook, and/or Twitter posts to continue the dialogue. #seattleartsvote

Also consider attending the Seattle City Council Cultural Sector Forum (hosted by Inspire Washington) on Monday, October 7 at Town Hall Seattle, where the majority of candidates will be present to further articulate their vision for Seattle’s cultural sector.

And, if you haven’t registered to vote, consider doing so now.

Watch this space as the arts platforms come in!

-Seattle Arts Voter Guide