Jim Pugel, District 7 Candidate — 2019 General Election Arts Platform

Candidate: Jim Pugel, Candidate for District 7


The arts are indispensable to the fabric of any community that values creativity as well as diversity of thought, culture, creed and ethnic background. I do not believe that any community can function effectively without a flourishing arts community. Seattle is no different, which is why I value the important role the arts play in so many facets of our city. Exposure to the arts promotes creative thought and better academic outcomes for our children, as well as an environment more conducive to the acceptance of diverse opinions, ideas and individuals. Of course, the arts also beautify our city landscape and our experiences. As Seattle’s District 7 Councilmember — the district encompassing SAM, Olympic Sculpture Park, KEXP, and so much more — I will be an active and engaged ally and supporter of the arts in Seattle and especially in our district and will work hard to ensure its influence continues to grow and improve the culture and identity of Seattle.

Jim Pugel, Candidate for District 7

As Seattle’s District 7 Councilmember, I will work closely with the Seattle Office of Art and Culture, Seattle Arts Commission and other local arts programs and organizations to ensure key Seattle arts and culture issues are being considered and properly addressed. I will strive to help support arts programs in Seattle helping to foster artistic and cultural engagement and promote equal access and participation in the arts.

I also recognize that Seattle’s high living costs are not conducive for a thriving arts scene, which is one of the reasons why housing affordability is at the top of my list of issues that need to be addressed. It is vital that affordable housing be provided to artists/musicians throughout the city to prevent displacement.

It will be my job to do everything I can to promote and enact policies that will allow local artists to live and work within the Seattle community.