Darcie Kline, School Board Candidate District 1 – Arts Platform


Art education has a history that dates back over thousands of years. From pictographs to master works this long established tradition exemplifies humanities pursuit of knowledge and beauty. It is a noble and meaningful endeavor.

A foundational skill in art is Illustration and excellent historical curriculum is available at no cost. Through illustration and the pursuit of representational art a student learns to objectively observe the natural world and gain knowledge of its inherent order. This cultivates a relationship within the student that the world makes sense and it is beautiful. It is one thing to consider the Golden Ratio, but it is another thing to pick up a shell, a pine cone, a flower and actually measure it and to then take this knowledge and ponder the ratio of a hurricane.

The most difficult challenge in life is mortality, exploring the natural world and discovering its patterns creates a sense of belonging in the student through the knowledge of things which transcend the self.

Education should inspire, uplift and create a sense of joy and wonder in the student. By building on examples of historical representational art and cultivating respect for craftsmanship; by teaching that good design brings order into our construction of the world and that beauty is relevant, a student is elevated and enriched and so follows the world.