Jason Williams, District 7 Candidate — Arts Platform

Candidate: Jason Williams, Candidate for District 7


Inspired by local indigenous leaders, longtime stewards of this land who remind us of the importance of seven-generation thinking, I have been asking neighbors what vision they have for Seattle in the year 2100. Among other things, our neighbors desire a city that is celebrated for its vibrant culture. In other words, folks want Seattle to be a place place worth living in.

The Showbox aside, energy around it suggests there is a desire to preserve a select number of cultural heritage sites – and communities – that make Seattle special. I imagine the city leading an exercise where we proactively preserve these sites to remind us of our past and present culture. At the same time, we need to do a better job to give people of all backgrounds and identities the chance to shape our neighborhoods and culture. That’s why I would invest in arts education for our city’s youth and tie development to funding for arts and culture more generally. Art gives people a voice – and power – to shape their community. This is why we need to employ an equity lens to this work.